Recent Book Announcements

Whereas we publish books with a fanfare, it’s easy to miss announcements of new book projects, which come at irregular intervals throughout the working year. To make it easier to keep track, this page automatically lists the 50 titles most recently added to our catalogue, starting with the newest.

28 August 2021

Slavonic and East European Review 99.3

19 August 2021

Louis-Sébastien Mercier, Timon d’Athènes
Edited by Joseph Harris
Critical Texts 82

26 July 2021

Affective Spaces: Migration in Scandinavian and German Transnational Narratives
Anja Tröger
Germanic Literatures 24

4 July 2021

Brazil in the Midst of Neoliberal Turmoil: Devastation and Resistance
Edited by Márcio Seligmann-Silva
Portuguese Studies 37.1

1 July 2021

Modern Language Review 116.3

28 June 2021

Psychoanalysis, Ideology and Commitment in Italy 1945-1975: Edoardo Sanguineti, Ottiero Ottieri, Andrea Zanzotto
Alessandra Diazzi
Italian Perspectives 51

Narrative Strategies for Participation in Dante's Divine Comedy
Katherine Powlesland
Italian Perspectives 53

Frantz Fanon: Literature and Invention
Jane Hiddleston
Research Monographs in French Studies 66

For the Love of Art
Peter Dayan
Selected Essays 10

Memory, Identity and the Historical Novel in Uruguay: Opening up the Archive 1985-2010
Karunika Kardak
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 52

The Experience of Colour in Lorca's Theatre
Jade Boyd
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 54

Matilde de la Torre: Sex, Socialism and Suffrage in Republican Spain
Deborah Madden
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 56

Literature, Democracy and Transitional Justice: Comparative World Perspectives
Edited by Mohamed-Salah Omri and Philippe Roussin
Transcript 19

German Romanticism and Latin America: New Connections in World Literature
Edited by Jenny Haase and Joanna Neilly
Transcript 23

Triangular Translation: Gender and the Making of the Postcolonial World Between China, Europe, and the Middle East 1880-1940
Peiyu Yang
Transcript 25

Imagining Iberia in Medieval German Literature
Doriane Zerka
Transcript 26

Engaging with Troy: Early Modern and Contemporary Scenes
Edited by Francesca Rayner and Janice Valls-Russell
Transcript 27

Intermedia in Italy: From Futurism to Digital Convergence
Clodagh Brook, Florian Mussgnug and Giuliana Pieri
Visual Culture 6

27 June 2021

Last Scene of All: Representing Death on the Western Stage
Edited by Jessica Goodman
Legenda (General Series)

Luxury, Sensation and the Moving Image
Alice Blackhurst
Moving Image 13

The Cinema of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub
Edited by Martin Brady, Helen Hughes and Ricardo Matos Cabo
Moving Image 14

The Holocaust in French Postmodern Fiction: Aesthetics, Politics, Ethics
Helena Duffy
Research Monographs in French Studies 64

Zola's Painters
Robert Lethbridge
Research Monographs in French Studies 68

Holocaust and Home: The Poetry of David Fram from Lithuania to South Africa
Hazel Frankel
Studies In Yiddish 18

23 April 2021

Slavonic and East European Review 99.2

19 April 2021

L. Onerva, Mirdja: A Decadent New Woman
Edited by Viola Parente-Čapková and Translated by Eva Buchwald
Critical Texts 81 / Jewelled Tortoise 11

1 April 2021

Modern Language Review 116.2

31 March 2021

A Woman’s Place: Rousseau & the Enlightenment Debate on Women’s Education
Edited by Joanna M. Barker
Critical Texts 80

29 March 2021

Hugo von Hofmannsthal, The Incorruptible Servant
Translated by Alexander Stillmark
New Translations 17

25 March 2021

Los Lusíadas: Episodes from the Translations of Bento Caldeira, Luis Gómez de Tapia, and Henrique Garcés
Edited by Thomas Clark
European Translations 7

10 March 2021

The Strife of Love in a Dreame
Edited by Katie Reid
Tudor and Stuart Translations 29

9 March 2021

Hybrid Acts: Chinese Cultures in Spanish Film and Television
Delphi May
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 55

4 March 2021

Queering Lorca’s Duende: Desire, Death, Intermediality
Miguel García
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 49

2 March 2021

Labours of Attention: Work, Class and Society in French and Francophone Literature and Culture
Adam Watt
Legenda (General Series)

SPQR in the USSR: Elena Shvarts’s Classical Antiquity
Georgina Barker
Legenda (General Series)

25 February 2021

Michael Drayton, England’s Heroical Epistles (1597): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Juan Manuel Camacho Ramos
Critical Texts 79

23 February 2021

Essay as Enabler in Yves Bonnefoy: Creating the Good Reader
Layla Roesler
Research Monographs in French Studies 67

18 February 2021

A Gaping Wound: Mourning in Italian Poetry
Edited by Adele Bardazzi, Francesco Giusti, and Emanuela Tandello
Italian Perspectives 54

1 February 2021

Tutunakú: Language, Power and Youth in Central México
Lucia Brandi
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 51

Seeing in Tongues: Modern Languages and Visual Culture
Edited by J. J. Long and Edward Welch
Visual Culture 5

29 January 2021

Slavonic and East European Review 99.1

25 January 2021

Pablo Messiez, The Eyes
Translated by María Bastianes and Alma Prelec
New Translations 16

22 January 2021

Reimagining History in Contemporary Spanish Media: Theater, Cinema, Television, Streaming
Paul Julian Smith
Visual Culture 1

21 January 2021

Edited by Hayley O'Kell and Alma Prelec
MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 16

5 January 2021

Modern Language Review 116.1

18 December 2020

Plutarch in English, 1528–1603: Volume 1: Essays
Edited by Fred Schurink
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2/1 of 2

Plutarch in English, 1528–1603: Volume 2: Lives
Edited by Fred Schurink
Tudor and Stuart Translations 2/2 of 2

15 December 2020

Fragments of Empire: Austrian Modernisms and the Habsburg Imaginary
Edited by Clemens Peck and Deborah Holmes
Austrian Studies 28

13 December 2020

Karoline von Günderrode: Philosophical Romantic
Joanna Raisbeck
Germanic Literatures 26

7 December 2020

Thomas May, Lucan's Pharsalia (1627)
Edited by Emma Buckley and Edward Paleit
Tudor and Stuart Translations 18