Recent Book Announcements

Whereas we publish books with a fanfare, it’s easy to miss announcements of new book projects, which come at irregular intervals throughout the working year. To make it easier to keep track, this page automatically lists the 50 titles most recently added to our catalogue, starting with the newest.

23 November 2020

Writing Across Time in the Twelfth Century: Historical Distance and Difference in the Kaiserchronik
Christoph J. Pretzer
Germanic Literatures 25

12 November 2020

The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature 94: Survey Year 2019

31 October 2020

Visual and Plastic Poetics: From Brazilian Concretism to the Chilean Neo-Avant-Garde
Rachel Elizabeth Robinson
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 53

28 October 2020

Slavonic and East European Review 98.4

14 October 2020

The MHRA Centenary Lectures
Edited by Graham Nelson

12 October 2020

The Decadent Writings of Aubrey Beardsley
Edited by Sasha Dovzhyk and Simon Wilson
Critical Texts 78 / Jewelled Tortoise 10

10 October 2020

The Visualization of a Nation: Tàpies and Catalonia
Emily Jenkins
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 47

1 October 2020

Modern Language Review 115.4

23 September 2020

André Chénier: Poetry and Revolution 1792-1794
David McCallam
Transcript 24

22 September 2020

Austrian Travel Writing
Edited by Florian Kropp and Caitriona Leahy
Austrian Studies 31

30 August 2020

La découverte de l’Île Frivole
Edited by Jean-Alexandre Perras
Critical Texts 76

Thomas Lodge, Phillis (1593): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Cinta Zunino-Garrido
Critical Texts 77

29 August 2020

Speaking Prose: The Power of the Voice in Cervantes
B. W. Ife
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 50

20 August 2020

Petrarch's Triumphi in English
Edited by Alessandra Petrina
Tudor and Stuart Translations 27

21 July 2020

Across Texts: Essays on Different Forms of French Textuality
Keith Reader
Selected Essays 13

Slavonic and East European Review 98.3

20 July 2020

Hystoria Gweryddon yr Almaen: The Middle Welsh Life of St Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins
Edited by Jane Cartwright
MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature

15 July 2020

Back to the Twenties: Modernism Then and Now
Edited by Paul Poplawski
Yearbook of English Studies 50

2 July 2020

Modern Language Review 115.3

18 June 2020

Contemporary French Poetry: Towards a Minor Poetics
Daisy Sainsbury
Research Monographs in French Studies 65

16 June 2020

From the Enlightenment to Modernism: Three Centuries of German Literature
Edited by Carolin Duttlinger, K. F. Hilliard, and Charlie Louth
Legenda (General Series)

15 June 2020

Residual Figuration in Samuel Beckett and Alberto Giacometti
Lin Li
Studies In Comparative Literature 53

Fragments, Genius and Madness: Masks and Mask-Making in the fin-de-siècle Imagination
Elisa Segnini
Studies In Comparative Literature 56

18 May 2020

Dante Beyond Borders: Contexts and Reception
Edited by Nick Havely, Jonathan Katz, and Richard Cooper
Italian Perspectives 52

4 May 2020

The First English Pastor Fido (1602)
Edited by Massimiliano Morini
Tudor and Stuart Translations 28

16 April 2020

Thomas Lodge, Scilla’s Metamorphosis (1589): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Sonia Hernández-Santano
Critical Texts 75

Modern Language Review 115.2

Slavonic and East European Review 98.2

24 March 2020

La poética de Lorenzo de Zamora: una apología de la literatura secular
Edited by Ascensión Rivas Hernández
Critical Texts 55

20 March 2020

William Barker, Xenophon's 'Cyropædia'
Edited by Jane Grogan
Tudor and Stuart Translations 13

3 March 2020

Out of Focus: Russia at the Margins
Catriona Kelly
Selected Essays 8

21 February 2020

Anthropocene Austria
Edited by Caitríona Ní Dhúill and Nicola Thomas
Austrian Studies 30

8 February 2020

Erasmus in English 1523-1584, Volume III: The Colloquies
Edited by Harriet Archer
Tudor and Stuart Translations 26/3 of 3

25 January 2020

Placing Schnitzler
Edited by Judith Beniston and Andrew Webber
Austrian Studies 27

Edited by Hannah McIntyre and Hayley O'Kell
MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 15

20 January 2020

Slavonic and East European Review 98.1

15 January 2020

George Chapman, The Shadow of Night (1594) and Ovid’s Banquet of Sense (1595): A Modern-Spelling Critical Edition
Edited by Zenón Luis-Martínez
Critical Texts 74

14 January 2020

Lionel Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose
Edited by Sarah Green
Critical Texts 73 / Jewelled Tortoise 9

7 January 2020

Poetry, Painting, Park: Goethe and Claude Lorrain
Franz R. Kempf
Germanic Literatures 22

2 January 2020

Modern Language Review 115.1

18 December 2019

The Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature 93: Survey Year 2018

15 December 2019

Michael Field, For That Moment Only and Other Prose Works
Edited by Alex Murray and Sarah Parker
Critical Texts 72 / Jewelled Tortoise 8

4 November 2019

The Diasporic Canon: American Anthologies of Contemporary Italian Poetry 1945-2015
Marta Arnaldi
Transcript 20

28 October 2019

Uncanny Valleys: Austrian Literature and Film in the New Millennium
Edited by Heide Kunzelmann and Lyn Marven
Austrian Studies 29

26 October 2019

The Living Death of Modernity: Balzac, Baudelaire, Zola
Dorothy Kelly
Research Monographs in French Studies 63

24 October 2019

Venetian Inscriptions: Vernacular Writing for Public Display in Medieval and Renaissance Venice
Ronnie Ferguson
Italian Perspectives 50

7 October 2019

Slavonic and East European Review 97.4

4 October 2019

The Translingual Verse: Migration, Rhythm, and Resistance in Contemporary Italophone Poetry
Alice Loda
Transcript 21

3 October 2019

Interpreting and Judging Petrarch’s Canzoniere in Early Modern Italy
Edited by Maiko Favaro
Italian Perspectives 49

1 October 2019

Modern Language Review 114.4