Published October 1970

Techniques of Solipsism: A Study of Theodor Storm's Narrative Fiction
Terence John Rogers

Published January 1972

The Theme of Love in the 'Romans d'Antiquité'
Rosemarie Jones

Saint-Amant and the Theory of 'Ut Pictura Poesis'
Christopher D. Rolfe

Published January 1976

The Early Poetry of Guittone d'Arezzo
Vincent Moleta

Published January 1979

Matthew Arnold and Goethe
James Simpson

The Significance of Locality in the Poetry of Friedrich Hölderlin
David J. Constantine

Published January 1980

Jean Brisebarre: 'Li Restor du Paon'
Enid Donkin

Published January 1982

Language and Style in a Renaissance Epic: Berni's Corrections to Boiardo's 'Orlando Innamorato'
H. F. Woodhouse

Published January 1983

Epic and Chronicle: The 'Poema de mio Cid' and the 'Crónica de veinte reyes'
Brian Powell

Published January 1987

The Second Continuation of the Old French Perceval: A Critical and Lexicographical Study
Corin F. V. Corley

Quevedo on Parnassus: Allusive Context and Literary Theory in the Love-Lyric
Paul Julian Smith

Published January 1989

Verse Form and Meaning in the Poetry of Vladimir Maiakovskii: Vladimir Maiakovskii. Tragediaa; Oblako v shtanakh; Fleita-pozvonochnik; Chelovek; Liubliu; Pro eto
Robin Aizlewood

Symbolist Landscapes. The Place of Painting in the Poetry and Criticism of Mallarmé and His Circle
James Kearns

Published January 1990

Sexuality and the Sense of Self in the Works of Georg Trakl and Robert Musil
Andrew Webber
this title is also Bithell Series of Dissertations 15

Published January 1991

The Problem of Christ in the Work of Friedrich Hölderlin
Mark Ogden
this title is also Bithell Series of Dissertations 16

Published January 1993

History, Fiction, Verisimilitude: Studies in the Poetics of Gottfried's 'Tristan'
Mark Chinca
this title is also Bithell Series of Dissertations 18

Published January 1994

The Art Criticism of Francis Ponge
Shirley A. Jordan

Published January 1995

Horace's 'Epistles', Wieland and the Reader: A Three-Way Relationship
Jane V. Curran
this title is also Bithell Series of Dissertations 19

The Dialectics of Faith in the Poetry of José Bergamín
Helen Wing

Published January 2000

Shaping and Reshaping the Caribbean: The Work of Aimé Césaire and René Depestre
Martin Munro

Art, Gender and Sexuality: New Readings of Cernuda's Later Poetry
Philip Martin-Clark

Published January 2003

Luigi Tansillo and Lyric Poetry in Sixteenth-Century Naples
Erika Milburn

Published May 2005

The Ethics of the Poet: Marina Tsvetaeva's Art in the Light of Conscience
Ute Stock

Published January 2007

The Influence of Pre-Raphaelitism on Fin-de-Siècle Italy: Art, Beauty, and Culture
Giuliana Pieri

Sacramental Realism: Gertrud von le Fort and German Catholic Literature in the Weimar Republic and Third Reich (1924-46)
Helena M. Tomko
this title is also Bithell Series of Dissertations 31