Ramón Maria del Valle-Inclán (1866–1936), Spanish playwright and novelist

Ramón María del Valle Inclán, Savage Comedies
Translated and edited by Christopher Colbath and Luis M. González 
New Translations 1530 November 2021

Francisco Morales Nieva (1924-2016), Spanish playwright

Francisco Nieva: Coronada y el toro
Edited by Komla Aggor 
Critical Texts 6415 November 2021

Ángela Hernández Núñez (1954-), Dominican writer

Metáfora del cuerpo en fuga by Ángela Hernández Núñez
Edited by Solymar Torres-García 
Critical Texts 5431 December 2021

Pablo Messiez (1974-), Argentinean playwright

Pablo Messiez, The Eyes
Translated by María Bastianes and Alma Prelec 
New Translations 1631 December 2021