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978-1-906540-52-4 (HB)SIY 9250pp2011ed Joseph Sherman, Gennady Estraikh, Jordan Finkin,
David Shneer
A Captive of the Dawn
978-1-907975-84-4 (HB)SIY 12200pp2014ed Gennady Estraikh, Kerstin Hoge,
Mikhail Krutikov
Uncovering the Hidden
978-1-781885-77-2 (HB)
978-1-781885-78-9 (PB)
978-1-781885-79-6 (JSTOR)
SIY 16206pp2019ed Gennady Estraikh,
Mikhail Krutikov
Women, Men and Books
978-1-839540-07-3 (HB)
978-1-839540-08-0 (PB)
978-1-839540-09-7 (JSTOR)
SIY 18230pp2021Hazel FrankelHolocaust and Home