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The Jewish Pope: Myth, Diaspora and Yiddish Literature
Joseph Sherman
Studies In Yiddish 41 July 2003

  • ‘Although I cannot concur fully with all of Sherman's conclusions, the building-blocks of his narrative (the examination of the Joseph story as the master narrative of the Jewish Pope myth, as well as the analyses of individual reworkings of the myth) are truly insightful, meticulously researched, and masterfully argued. His book is an important contribution to Jewish literary and cultural studies and will also be of great interest to students and scholars of folklore.’ — Elizabeth Loentz, Modern Language Review 100.4, October 2005, 1160-62 (full text online)

Holocaust and Home: The Poetry of David Fram from Lithuania to South Africa
Hazel Frankel 
Studies In Yiddish 1810 September 2021