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978-1-904350-68-2 (HB)SIL 4254pp2007ed Wendy Ayres-Bennett,
Mari C. Jones
The French Language and Questions of Identity
978-1-905981-91-5 (HB)SIL 5304pp2008Martin J. DuffellA New History of English Metre
978-1-904350-50-7 (HB)SIL 3160pp2006David HornsbyRedefining Regional French
1-900755-78-5 (PB)SIL 1230pp2002ed Anna Laura Lepschy,
Arturo Tosi
Multilingualism in Italy Past and Present
978-1-904713-13-5 (HB)SIL 2212pp2006ed Anna Laura Lepschy,
Arturo Tosi
Rethinking Languages in Contact