Forthcoming May 2022

Rethinking the Human in the Darwinian Novel: Zola, Hardy, and Utopian Fiction
Niall Sreenan 

Forthcoming February 2022

From Puppet to Cyborg: Pinocchio’s Posthuman Journey
Georgia Panteli 

Forthcoming January 2022

Words Like Fire: Prophecy and Apocalypse in Apollinaire, Marinetti and Pound
James P. Leveque 

Published July 2021

Fragments, Genius and Madness: Masks and Mask-Making in the fin-de-siècle Imagination
Elisa Segnini 

Published September 2020

Mary Shelley and Europe: Essays in Honour of Jean de Palacio
Edited by Antonella Braida

Samuel Butler and the Science of the Mind: Evolution, Heredity and Unconscious Memory
Cristiano Turbil

Published September 2019

Comparative Literature in Britain: National Identities, Transnational Dynamics 1800-2000
Joep Leerssen

Published May 2018

Arthur Symons: Poet, Critic, Vagabond
Edited by Elisa Bizzotto and Stefano Evangelista

Published February 2018

The Modern Culture of Reginald Farrer: Landscape, Literature and Buddhism
Michael Charlesworth

Published September 2017

Sublime Conclusions: Last Man Narratives from Apocalypse to Death of God
Robert K. Weninger

Published September 2015

Leopardi and Shelley: Discovery, Translation and Reception
Daniela Cerimonia

Published July 2015

Oscar Wilde and the Simulacrum: The Truth of Masks
Giles Whiteley

Published March 2015

Byron, Shelley, and Goethe’s Faust: An Epic Connection
Ben Hewitt

Samuel Butler against the Professionals: Rethinking Lamarckism 1860–1900
David Gillott

Published September 2013

Likenesses: Translation, Illustration, Interpretation
Matthew Reynolds

Iris Murdoch and Elias Canetti: Intellectual Allies
Elaine Morley

Published May 2013

The Realist Author and Sympathetic Imagination
Sotirios Paraschas

Published May 2011

The Art of Comparison: How Novels and Critics Compare
Catherine Brown

Published September 2010

Blake, Lavater and Physiognomy
Sibylle Erle

Published April 2010

Yeats and Pessoa: Parallel Poetic Styles
Patricia Silva McNeill

Turning into Sterne: Viktor Shklovskii and Literary Reception
Emily Finer

Rethinking the Concept of the Grotesque: Crashaw, Baudelaire, Magritte
Shun-Liang Chao

Aestheticism and the Philosophy of Death: Walter Pater and Post-Hegelianism
Giles Whiteley

Published December 2008

Platonic Coleridge
James Vigus

Henry James and the Second Empire
Angus Wrenn