Forthcoming December 2022

Zola's Painters
Robert Lethbridge 

Frantz Fanon: Literature and Invention
Jane Hiddleston 

Forthcoming August 2022

Genet's Genres of Politics
Mairéad Hanrahan 

Forthcoming July 2022

The Holocaust in French Postmodern Fiction: Aesthetics, Politics, Ethics
Helena Duffy 

Forthcoming May 2022

Essay as Enabler in Yves Bonnefoy: Creating the Good Reader
Layla Roesler 

Forthcoming February 2022

Geometry and Jean Genet: Shaping the Subject
Joanne Brueton 

Published July 2021

Contemporary French Poetry: Towards a Minor Poetics
Daisy Sainsbury 

The Living Death of Modernity: Balzac, Baudelaire, Zola
Dorothy Kelly 

Published September 2020

The Language of Disease: Writing Syphilis in Nineteenth-Century France
Steven Wilson

Louis-René des Forêts and Inner Autobiography
Ian Maclachlan

The Philomena of Chrétien the Jew: The Semiotics of Evil
Peter Haidu, edited by Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner

The Poetry of Céline Arnauld: From Dada to Ultra-Modern
Ruth Hemus

Ying Chen’s Fiction: An Aesthetics of Non-Belonging
Rosalind Silvester

Jean-François Vilar: Theatres Of Crime
Margaret Atack

Published September 2019

Theorizing Medieval Race: Saracen Representations in Old French Literature
Victoria Turner

Published April 2019

I Suffer, Therefore I Am: Engaging with Empathy in Contemporary French Women’s Writing
Kathryn Robson

Published September 2018

Accent, Rhythm and Meaning in French Verse
Roger Pensom

Published May 2018

Laforgue, Philosophy, and Ideas of Otherness
Sam Bootle

Published February 2018

France, Algeria and the Moving Image: Screening Histories of Violence 1963–2010
Maria Flood

Published September 2017

Marie NDiaye: Inhospitable Fictions
Shirley Jordan

Published May 2017

Saints and Monsters in Medieval French and Occitan Literature: Sublime and Abject Bodies
Huw Grange

Published December 2016

Balzac's Love Letters: Correspondence and the Literary Imagination
Ewa Szypula

Pascal Quignard: Towards the Vanishing Point
Léa Vuong

Southern Regional French: A Linguistic Analysis of Language and Dialect Contact
Damien Mooney

Broken Glass, Broken World: Glass in French Culture in the Aftermath of 1870
Hannah Scott