Gender and sexuality

Privileged Anonymity: The Writings of Madame de Lafayette
Anne Green1 June 1996


Towards a Cultural Philology: Phèdre and the Construction of 'Racine'
Amy Wygant1 July 1999

Gender and sexuality

George Sand and Autobiography
Janet Hiddleston1 October 1999


Memory and Survival: The French Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski
Emma Wilson1 December 2000


Saint-Evremond: A Voice from Exile
Denys Potts1 May 2002

Postcolonial studies

Race and the Unconscious: Freudianism in French Caribbean Thought
Celia Britton1 November 2002

The Holocaust

Robert Antelme: Humanity, Community, Testimony
Martin Crowley1 May 2003


Oral Narration in Modern French: A Linguistic Analysis of Temporal Patterns
Janice Carruthers13 September 2005

Law and society

Poisoned Words: Slander and Satire in Early Modern France
Emily Butterworth24 May 2006

National and cultural identity

France/China: Intercultural Imaginings
Alex Hughes24 August 2007

Survey works

Biography in Early Modern France 1540-1630: Forms and Functions
Katherine MacDonald14 November 2007


Exotic Subversions in Nineteenth-Century French Fiction
Jennifer Yee25 July 2008

Gender and sexuality

Personal Effects: Reading the Journal of Marie Bashkirtseff
Sonia Wilson11 February 2010

Survey works

The Choreography of Modernism in France: La Danseuse, 1830-1930
Julie Townsend12 April 2010

Gender and sexuality

Voices and Veils: Feminism and Islam in French Women's Writing and Activism
Anna Kemp6 September 2010


Syntactic Borrowing in Contemporary French: A Linguistic Analysis of News Translation
Mairi McLaughlin12 May 2011

Postcolonial studies

Maryse Condé and the Space of Literature
Eva Sansavior1 June 2012

Lexicography and dictionaries

Furetière's Roman bourgeois and the Problem of Exchange: Titular Economies
Craig Moyes21 December 2012


Dada as Text, Thought and Theory
Stephen Forcer22 July 2015


Variation and Change in French Morphosyntax: The Case of Collective Nouns
Anna Tristram1 November 2014

Postcolonial studies

Postcolonial Criticism and Representations of African Dictatorship: The Aesthetics of Tyranny
Cécile Bishop1 July 2014

The City

Regarding Manneken Pis: Culture, Celebration and Conflict in Brussels
Catherine Emerson16 March 2015


The French Art Novel 1900-1930
Katherine Shingler19 December 2016

Verse and metre

Accent, Rhythm and Meaning in French Verse
Roger Pensom30 September 2018


Baudelaire and Photography: Finding the Painter of Modern Life
Timothy Raser9 October 2015