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5Liber Apologeticus de Omni Statu Humanae Naturae: A Defence of Human Nature in Every State (c. 1460): A Moral Play by Thomas Chaundler
Edited and translated by D. Enright-Clark Shoukri1 January 1974
6The Emblems of the Altdorf Academy: Medals and Medal Orations 1577-1626
Frederick John Stopp1 January 1974
7The Compositors of the First and Second Madrid Editions of 'Don Quixote'
Robert M. Flores1 January 1975
12Book Production and Letters in the Western European Renaissance: Essays in Honour of Conor Fahy
Edited by Anna Laura Lepschy, John Took, and Dennis E. Rhodes1 January 1986
15Europa Triumphans: Court and Civic Festivals in Early Modern Europe
Edited by J. R. Mulryne, Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, and Margaret Shewring1 January 2004