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Published February 2011

Monvel, Les Victimes cloîtrées
Edited by Sophie Marchand
Phoenix 1

  • ‘Sophie Marchand’s edition of Monvel’s drame Les Victimes cloîtrées is particularly welcome as a significant text from its period which is little known today but well worth rediscovering, as her critical introduction makes clear ... this is a very welcome publication and is highly recommended.’ — Mark Darlow, Modern Language Review 107, 2012, 1256-57 (full text online)

Published June 2011

Alexis Piron, L’Antre de Trophonius et La Robe de dissention, ou le faux-prodige
Edited by Derek Connon
Phoenix 2

  • ‘Volume 2 of the MHRA Phoenix series on eighteenth-century French theatre will be particularly attractive to students of early modern French theatre and history ... Connon’s succinct presentation brings to life both Piron and the vibrant theatrical world of the period.’ — Síofra Pierse, Modern Language Review 108, 2013, 304-05 (full text online)

Delisle de Sales, Théâtre d'amour and Baculard d’Arnaud, L’Art de foutre, ou Paris foutant
Edited by Thomas Wynn
Phoenix 3

  • Théâtre d’amour has never been published, and so its availability in this volume will nevertheless prove invaluable to scholars of the genre in the eighteenth century, and may also encourage tutors to include extracts in a module on French drama or erotic writing of the period ... The reader will find both works accompanied and illuminated by numerous footnotes, while Wynn’s clearly written and comprehensive introduction contextualizes both works historically and in terms of the genre’s remarkable popularity.’ — John Phillips, Modern Language Review 107, 2012, 1255-56 (full text online)

Published September 2011

Laya, L'Ami des lois
Edited by Mark Darlow and Yann Robert
Phoenix 4

  • ‘This edition is thus an essential resource for anyone with an interest in Laya’s play, and will be a rewarding read for those working in the area of revolutionary theatre.’ — Catrin Francis, Modern Language Review 108, 2013, 976-77 (full text online)
  • ‘the editors prove overwhelmingly that Laya’s comedy was a veritable social event in its time and is a necessary read today for students and scholars of the Revolution and of its rich, but often overlooked, theatrical culture.’ — Logan J. Connors, French Studies 67, 2013, 254-55
  • ‘on se réjouit de pouvoir disposer d’une nouvelle édition critique séparée et de qualité ... Une bibliographie sélective termine le volume, qui sera incontestablement
    très utile à la fois aux spécialistes du théâtre et aux chercheurs en histoire culturelle.’
    — Jean-Noël Pascal, Dix-huitième siècle 44, 2012, 674

Published September 2013

Baron, Le Rendez-vous des Tuileries, ou Le Coquet trompé
Edited by Jeanne-Marie Hostiou
Phoenix 5

  • ‘L’edizione critica, completata da un’esaustiva bibliografia, contribuisce alla riscoperta di una delle numerose creazioni drammatiche della fine del xvii secolo.’ — Monica Pavesio, Studi francesi 177, 2015, 590

Published August 2014

Le Siège de Calais by Pierre-Laurent De Belloy
Edited by Logan J. Connors
Phoenix 6

  • ‘This scholarly edition will be of use in the undergraduate and graduate classroom as well as of interest to all those who are fascinated by French theatre and drama on the eve of the Revolution.’ — Jessica Munns, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theatre Research 28, 2013, 117-19

Published January 2015

Christophe Colomb par Népomucène Louis Lemercier
Edited by Vincenzo De Santis
Phoenix 7

  • ‘Grâce à cette édition, Vincenzo De Santis met en lumière, à travers la redécouverte d’une pièce emblématique de l’expérimentation dramatique sous l’Empire, les enjeux d’un théâtre à la recherche d’une identité nouvelle au seuil de la modernité.’ — Maurizio Melai, Studi francesi 178, 2016, 134

Published July 2015

Michel-Jean Sedaine: Maillard, ou Paris sauvé et Raimond V, comte de Toulouse
Edited by John Dunkley
Phoenix 8