2Flesh, by Júlio Ribeiro
Translated by William Barne22 August 2011
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Translated by Alison E. Martin, Erich Lehmann, and Michael Ritterson1 April 2012
4Wilhelm Raabe, The Birdsong Papers
Translated by Michael Ritterson1 October 2013
6Rétif de la Bretonne, Ingénue Saxancour; or, The Wife Separated from Her Husband
Translated by Mary S. Trouille28 February 2017
7Anna Franchi, Bring in Divorce
Translated by Lucy Hosker 
9Corín Tellado, Thursdays with Leila
Translated by Duncan Wheeler, with an introduction by Diana Holmes and Duncan Wheeler, and a prologue by Mario Vargas Llosa15 November 2016
10André Gide, Arbitrariness: a Critical Guide
Translated by Elizabeth J. Rush