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978-1-781881-82-8 (PB)NT 62017tr Mary S. TrouilleRétif de la Bretonne, Ingénue Saxancour; or, The Wife Separated from Her Husband
978-1-781881-89-7 (PB)
978-1-781882-60-3 (JSTOR)
978-1-781882-61-0 (EBSCO)
NT 82015tr Édouard LangilleFougeret de Monbron, Margot la ravaudeuse
978-1-781887-74-5 (PB)
978-1-781887-75-2 (JSTOR)
978-1-781887-76-9 (EBSCO)
NT 142018tr Joanna M. BarkerIn Defence of Women