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978-1-907322-58-7 (HB)
978-1-907322-68-6 (PB)
978-1-781880-29-6 (JSTOR)
978-1-781881-64-4 (EBSCO)
978-1-123412-48-2 (Google)
LMWL 2012ed Nicolas JacobsEarly Welsh Gnomic and Nature Poetry
978-1-907322-60-0 (HB)
978-1-907322-69-3 (PB)
978-1-781880-32-6 (JSTOR)
978-1-781881-65-1 (EBSCO)
LMWL 2012ed Patricia WilliamsHistorical Texts from Medieval Wales
978-1-907322-63-1 (HB)
978-1-907322-75-4 (PB)
978-1-781881-93-4 (JSTOR)
978-1-781881-96-5 (EBSCO)
LMWL 2014ed Jenny RowlandA Selection of Early Welsh Saga Poems
978-1-781889-08-4 (HB)
978-1-781889-09-1 (PB)
LMWL 248pp2019ed Nerys Ann JonesArthur in Early Welsh Poetry
978-1-907322-59-4 (HB)
978-1-907322-74-7 (PB)
978-1-839541-02-5 (JSTOR)
LMWL 2020ed Jane CartwrightHystoria Gweryddon yr Almaen
978-1-781889-49-7 (HB)
978-1-781889-50-3 (PB)
978-1-781889-51-0 (JSTOR)
LMWL 2020ed Natalia I. PetrovskaiaDelw y Byd
978-1-839541-04-9 (HB)
978-1-839541-03-2 (PB)
978-1-839541-05-6 (JSTOR)
LMWL 2022ed Simon RodwayAn Old Welsh Reader
978-1-907322-72-3 (HB)
978-1-907322-73-0 (PB)
LMWL 3000ed Helen FultonMedieval Welsh Political Poetry