Forthcoming September 2023

Edited by Amy Morgan and Sue Niebrzydowski 

Forthcoming September 2022

Pre-Conquest Literature
Edited by Joshua Davies and Clare Lees 

Forthcoming October 2021

Contemporary British and Irish Poetry
Edited by Samuel Rogers 

Published July 2020

Back to the Twenties: Modernism Then and Now
Edited by Paul Poplawski

Published September 2019

Margaret Oliphant and George Meredith
Edited by Rebecca N. Mitchell

Published December 2018

Writing in the Age of William IV
Edited by Maureen McCue, Rebecca Butler and Anne-Marie Millim

Published September 2017

Walter Scott: New Interpretations
Edited by Susan Oliver

Published January 2016

Writing the Americas, 1480–1826
Edited by Robert Lawson-Peebles and Kristin A. Cook

Published January 2015

The History of the Book
Edited by Sandro Jung and Stephen Colclough

Published January 2014

Caroline Literature
Edited by Rory Loughnane, Andrew J. Power and Peter Sillitoe

Published January 2013

Early English Drama
Edited by Pamela M. King, Sue Niebrzydowski and Diana Wyatt

Published January 2012

Literature of the 1950s and 1960s
Edited by Alice Ferrebe and Tracy Hargreaves

Published January 2011

Victorian World Literatures
Edited by Pablo Mukherjee

Travel and Prose Fiction in Early Modern England
Edited by Nandini Das

Published January 2010

The Arts in Victorian Literature
Edited by Stefano Evangelista and Catherine Maxwell

Published January 2009

Literature and Religion
Edited by Andrew Tate

Published January 2008

Tudor Literature
Edited by Andrew Hiscock

Published January 2007

Science Fiction
Edited by David Seed

From Decadent to Modernist: And Other Essays
Edited by John Batchelor

Published January 2006

Victorian Literature
Edited by John Batchelor

Edited by Nicola Bradbury

Published January 2005

Irish Writing since 1950
Edited by Ronan McDonald

Published January 2004

Nineteenth-Century Travel Writing
Edited by David Seed

Published January 2003

Medieval and Early Modern Miscellanies and Anthologies
Edited by Phillipa Hardman

Published January 2002

Children in Literature
Edited by Karin Lesnik-Oberstein