10Critiquing Criticism: From the Ancient to the Digital
Edited by Sophie Corser and Lucy Russell2 February 2016
Edited by Hayley O'Kell and Alma Prelec 31 December 2021
Edited by Hannah McIntyre and Hayley O'Kell 27 January 2021
8Fame and Glory: The Classic, the Canon and the Literary Pantheon
Edited by Jessica Goodman and Elizabeth Benjamin23 December 2013
9Literature and Art: Conversations and Collaborations
Edited by Elizabeth Benjamin and Sophie Corser6 January 2015
Edited by Joanna Neilly and Alex Stuart13 February 2012
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14Reframing Exoticism in European Literature
Edited by Claudia Dellacasa and Hannah McIntyre9 December 2019
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13The Sacred in the Secular in European Literature
Edited by Daisy Gudmunsen and Claudia Dellacasa20 December 2018
7Science and Literature: The Great Divide?
Edited by Alex Stuart and Jessica Goodman25 January 2013
12Scrutinizing Beauty
Edited by Eleanor Dobson and Daisy Gudmunsen4 March 2018
Edited by Jessica Gildersleeve and John McKeane9 November 2009
3Translation, Adaptation, and Transformation
Edited by Jennifer Shepherd and Jessica Gildersleeve3 January 2009