Forthcoming December 2022

Portuguese Studies 38.2 

Forthcoming April 2022

Portuguese Studies 38.1 

Forthcoming December 2021

Literatures and Cultures of the Indian Ocean
Edited by Ana Mafalda Leite 

Published July 2021

Brazil in the Midst of Neoliberal Turmoil: Devastation and Resistance
Edited by Márcio Seligmann-Silva 

Published November 2020

Modern Portuguese Poetry
Edited by Paulo de Medeiros and Rosa Maria Martelo 

Published July 2020

Portuguese Studies 36.1

Published January 2020

Transnational Portuguese Women Writers
Edited by Cláudia Pazos Alonso and Maria Luisa Coelho

Published March 2019

Portuguese Studies 35.1

Published October 2018

The Cinema of Fernando Vendrell
Edited by Paulo de Medeiros and Hilary Owen

Published April 2018

Portugal, Forty-Four Years after the Revolution
Edited by Sebastián Royo

Published November 2017

Portuguese Studies 33.2

Published May 2017

Portuguese Studies 33.1

Published October 2016

Authoritarian States and Corporatism in Portugal and Brazil
Edited by Paula Borges Santos and Luciano Aronne de Abreu

Published March 2016

Portuguese Studies 32.1

Published October 2015

In Medieval Mode: Collected Essays in Honour of Stephen Parkinson on his Retirement
Cláudia Pazos Alonso and Claire Williams

Published April 2015

Portuguese Studies 31.1

Published September 2014

João Cabral de Melo Neto (1920-1999)
Edited by Sara Brandellero

Published March 2014

Portuguese Studies 30.1

Published September 2013

Portuguese Studies 29.2

Published May 2013

Portuguese Studies 29.1

Published October 2012

Formal and Informal Empire: Portuguese Relations with the Non-European World
Edited by Toby Green and Malyn Newitt

Published April 2012

Portuguese Studies 28.1

Published September 2011

Portuguese Studies 27.2

Published March 2011

Papers from the Gilberto Freyre Conference
Edited by Maria Lúcia G. Pallares-Burke

Published October 2010

Portuguese Studies 26.2