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978-1-902653-37-2 (PB)IP 9210pp2002Jennifer BurnsFragments of Impegno
978-1-904350-04-0 (PB)IP 10160pp2005Ruth GlynnContesting the Monument
978-1-904350-05-7 (PB)IP 11256pp2006Felia AllumCamorristi, Politicians and Businessmen
978-1-906540-48-7 (HB)IP 18240pp2009ed Pierpaolo Antonello,
Alan O'Leary
Imagining Terrorism
978-1-907975-27-1 (HB)
978-1-315088-91-4 (T&F)
IP 232012ed Ruth Glynn,
Giancarlo Lombardi
Remembering Aldo Moro
978-1-909662-58-2 (HB)
978-1-315088-60-0 (T&F)
IP 322015Guy LanoueRome Eternal
978-1-781887-17-2 (HB)
978-1-781887-18-9 (PB)
978-1-781887-19-6 (JSTOR)
IP 392018ed Lesley Caldwell,
Fabio Camilletti