1The Letters of Giacomo Leopardi 1817-1837
Edited by Prue Shaw30 September 1998
2Nelle Carceri di G. B. Piranesi
Silvia Gavuzzo-Stewart31 October 1999
7Playing with Gender: The Comedies of Goldoni
Maggie Günsberg31 January 2002
20Ugo Foscolo and English Culture
Sandra Parmegiani12 May 2011
27The Tradition of the Actor-Author in Italian Theatre
Edited by Donatella Fischer25 September 2013
28Leopardi's Nymphs: Grace, Melancholy, and the Uncanny
Fabio A. Camilletti4 December 2013
31The Italian Academies 1525-1700: Networks of Culture, Innovation and Dissent
Edited by Jane E. Everson, Denis V. Reidy and Lisa Sampson1 September 2016
43Forms of Thinking in Leopardi’s Zibaldone: Religion, Science and Everyday Life in an Age of Disenchantment
Paola Cori23 September 2019
49Interpreting and Judging Petrarch’s Canzoniere in Early Modern Italy
Edited by Maiko Favaro 22 November 2021