The Cultural Legacy of María Zambrano

Edited by Xon de Ros and Daniela Omlor

Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures 24


3 April 2017  •  232pp

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The philosopher María Zambrano (1904-1991) is one of the foremost Spanish intellectuals of the twentieth century. A disciple of Ortega y Gasset, she taught at the University of Madrid in the 1930s and joined the Republican diaspora in exile, living in México, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Paris, Rome and Geneva till her return to Spain in 1984. A heterodox philosopher who conceived her role as that of an agent for ethical change, she sought to reconcile philosophy and poetry, and wrote not only essays on philosophy, but also plays, poetry, literary and art reviews, and a memoir. After the relative obscurity of her life in exile, her genius began to be recognized in the decade before her death, but she remains little known outside the Spanish-speaking world. These essays explore her legacy, offering new critical insights which draw on literature, aesthetics, gender studies, psychoanalysis, political theory and the visual arts.

The editors teach modern Spanish literature at the University of Oxford, where Xon de Ros is Professor of Modern Spanish Studies, and Daniela Omlor is a Tutorial Fellow at Lincoln College and a Lecturer at Jesus College.


  • ‘Tal y como promete su tîtulo, este monográfico le ofrece al lector una visión de conjunto del legado cultural de María Zambrano. Un elenco multidisciplinar e internacional de colaboradores se reúnen en esta publicacíon para, gracias a la cuidadosa labor de selección y edición de Xon de Ros y Daniela Omlor, proporcionar una contextualización de la extensa producción zambraniana en relación a las principales corrientes del pensamiento occidental contemporáneo.’ — Beatriz Caballero Rodríguez, Revista de Hispanismo Filosófico 23, 2019, 226-28
  • ‘Pioneras en su contexto... Coronan el volumen una bibliografía y un índex, dando cuenta de la vigencia del pensamiento de María Zambrano en distintas ramas del saber como la filosofía, la poesía, las artes plásticas o la política.’ — Carmen María López López, Las Torres de Lucca 12, January-June 2018, 285-92
  • ‘An important contribution to Zambrano’s bibliography... focuses on Zambrano’s role as a cultural agent, looking at her impact in the following areas: avant-garde, feminism, psycho-analysis, literary comparativism, art criticism and semiotics, autobiographical writing, political theory, historical memory and exile.’ — Pilar Molina, The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies 70, 2018, 284 (full text online)
  • ‘Serious and sustained academic attention in the Anglophone world is in its infancy. The Cultural Legacy of María Zambrano takes on a pioneering role by being among the first book-length studies aimed at an English-speaking readership... A coherent and rigorous body of research, inviting the reader to reassess the impact of Zambrano’s legacy alongside her place in Western intellectual history.’ — Beatriz Caballero Rodríguez, Modern Language Review 115.1, 2020, 195-96 (full text online)


X.R., D.O.
List of Contributors
Xon de Ros, Daniela Omlor
Xon de Ros, Daniela Omlor
Chapter 1 María Zambrano and Rosa Chacel: the Paradigms and Paradoxes of Female Modernity
Shirley Mangini
Chapter 2 in the Dark Night of the Human: María Zambrano and the Avant-Garde
Inmaculada Murcia Serrano
Chapter 3 the Anti-Fascist Origins of Poetic Reason: Genealogy of A Reflection On Totalitarianism
Antolín Sánchez Cuervo
Chapter 4 Eros’s Desire: Some Aspects of the Relationship Between José ángel Valente and María Zambrano
Antonio Molina Flores
Chapter 5 Hope Beyond Hope: the Motif of Ruins in María Zambrano and Luis Cernuda
Federico Bonaddio
Chapter 6 Poetry and Realization: Towards A Knowledge of the Poet’s Place in María Zambrano
Alberto Santamaría
Chapter 7 Melancholy and Loss in María Zambrano’s Journals
Goretti Ramírez
Chapter 8 La Tumba De Antígona: Psychoanalysis and Feminism
Xon de Ros
Chapter 9 Metaphor in María Zambrano: Theory and Practice
Roberta Johnson
Chapter 10 About Painting and Dialectical Images of María Zambrano
Elide Pittarello
Chapter 11 the Ethics of Exile and Memory in Zambrano
Daniela Omlor
Chapter 12 María Zambrano: Philosophy, Literature, and Democracy
Francis Lough
Xon de Ros, Daniela Omlor
Xon de Ros, Daniela Omlor

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