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The Ethics of Narration: Uwe Johnson's Novels from Ingrid Babendererde to Jahrestage
Colin Riordan
Bithell Series of Dissertations 14 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 281 January 1989

Günter Grass's Use of Baroque Literature
Alexander Weber
Bithell Series of Dissertations 20 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 411 January 1995

Troubling Maternity: Mothering, Agency, and Ethics in Women's Writing in German of the 1970s and 1980s
Emily Jeremiah
Bithell Series of Dissertations 26 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 581 January 2003

Room for Manoeuvre: The Role of Intertext in Elfriede Jelinek's Die Klavierspielerin, Günter Grass's Ein weites Feld, and Herta Müller's Niederungen and Reisende auf einem Bein
Morwenna Symons
Bithell Series of Dissertations 28 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 647 December 2005

Crisis and Form in the Later Writing of Ingeborg Bachmann: An Aesthetic Examination of the Poetic Drafts of the 1960s
Áine McMurtry
Bithell Series of Dissertations 39 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 8430 May 2012

  • ‘There is precious little in McMurtry’s approach and textual interpretation that invites criticism. In fact, one so often feels compelled to applaud the subtlety of these examinations, the comprehensiveness of argument, and sheer erudition of the author... With this study McMurtry has positioned herself in the forefront of contemporary Bachmann scholarship.’ — Rüdiger Görner, Modern Language Review 109, 2014, 1144-45 (full text online)
  • ‘The study’s solid grounding in Bachmann research, and modern European literature in general, means that it provides a useful starting point for readers who are new to Bachmann’s work, academics interested in modern literature or philosophy, and Bachmann scholars in search of a new perspective on her work.’ — Lina Fisher, German Quarterly 2013, 110-12

Phantom Images: The Figure of the Ghost in the Work of Christa Wolf and Irina Liebmann
Catherine Smale
Bithell Series of Dissertations 41 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 9727 September 2013