Published December 2000

Cobras e Son: Papers on the Text, Music and Manuscripts of the 'Cantigas de Santa Maria'
Edited by Stephen Parkinson
Legenda (General Series)

  • ‘The collection reflects scholarship of a high order and will surely mark a new phase in Cantiga studies... The editing is impeccable.’ — John Gornall, Bulletin of Spanish Studies LXXX, 2003, 110-12
  • ‘Die Akten eines Kolloquiums bieten - neben einer knappen Einleitung (1-6) und Ergebnisprotokollen zweier Diskussionen - zehn Studien zu den Cantigas de Santa Maria (= CSM) vor allem aus textphilologisch-kodikologischer, musikwissenschaftlicher oder kunstgeschichtlicher Perspektive.’ — Albert Gier, Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie 119, 2003, 688-9
  • ‘As the post-1994 bibliography included in this volume shows, the musicological, art-historical, textual and codicological research brought together here represents, in clear and succinct form, the foundations of the current stage of Cantigas scholarship.’ — Kirstin Kennedy, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Volume 80, n. 4, october 2003, 576-8

Published April 2015

Alfonso X the Learned, Cantigas de Santa Maria
Edited by Stephen Parkinson
Critical Texts 40

  • ‘A new scholarly anthology with a balanced selection of songs—fresh, complete and competent—is welcome and overdue. Moreover, this preliminary view, in hard copy, of the promised full edition offers extraordinary value for the price.’ — Martha E. Schaffer, Bulletin of Spanish Studies 94, 2017, 1222-23
  • ‘Le scelte editoriali di P. appaiono nel complesso ade guate e contribuiscono a fornire un testo valido, che riesce nell’intento di rivolgersi con profitto sia al pubblico non specialistico, sia, grazie alla scrupolosità dell’analisi metrica e alla completezza degli apparati, a studenti universitari o a specialisti della letteratura romanza e galego-portoghese.’ — Simone Marcenaro, Medioevo Romanzo XLII.2, 2018, 466-69

Published October 2015

In Medieval Mode: Collected Essays in Honour of Stephen Parkinson on his Retirement
Cláudia Pazos Alonso and Claire Williams
Portuguese Studies 31.2