Published March 2012

Early Welsh Gnomic and Nature Poetry
Edited by Nicolas Jacobs
MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature

  • ‘La simplicité des textes fait de ce livre une excellente introduction au gallois ancien.’ — Pierre-Yves Lambert, Etudes celtiques XXXIX, 2013, 330
  • ‘Nicolas Jacobs hat sehr gute Arbeit geleistet; sein Buch wird für lange Zeit die Standardedition dieser notorisch dunklen und schwierigen, aber vielleicht gerade eben deshalb so anziehenden Verse bleiben und darüber hinaus als mustergültiganerkannt sein. — Y gwaith a ganmol ei weithiwr!’ — Stefan Zimmer, Zeitschrift für celtisches Philologie 59, 2012, 271
  • ‘Mae Nicolas Jacobs a golygyddion y 'Library of Medieval Welsh Literature' yn haeddu ein diolchiadau gwresog am ailagor maes a esgeuluswyd yn rhy hir ac am wneud y corff hwn o farddoniaeth yn fwy hygyrch i fyfyrwyr ac ysgolheigion mwy profiadol fel ei gilydd. [Nicolas Jacobs and the editors of the Library of Medieval Welsh Literature deserve our warmest thanks for reopening a field of study which has been neglected too long and for making this body of poetry more accessible for students and more experienced scholars alike.]’ — Barry James Lewis, Dwned 18, 2012, 99-107

Published July 2012

Joséphine de Monbart, Lettres tahitiennes
Edited by Laure Marcellesi
Critical Texts 36

  • ‘This outstanding volume ... excellent scholarly apparatus ... ideal for classroom use.’ — Heidi Bostic, New Zealand Journal of French Studies 34, 2013, 82-84

Published October 2012

Historical Texts from Medieval Wales
Edited by Patricia Williams
MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature

  • ‘A very useful volume both in itself and in broadening the range of the series.’ — Paul Russell, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 66, 2013, 94-95
  • ‘Williams has given us an excellent resource for the study of medieval Welsh history and of Middle Welsh as a language of record, and her book deserves to be taken seriously by specialists and non-specialists alike.’ — Helen Fulton, Modern Language Review 110, 2015, 234-35 (full text online)