Published January 2006

Modern Language Review 101.1

Slavonic and East European Review 84.1

Edited by Nicola Bradbury
Yearbook of English Studies 36.1

Victorian Literature
Edited by John Batchelor
Yearbook of English Studies 36.2

Speaking Out and Silencing: Culture, Society and Politics in Italy in the 1970s
Edited by Anna Cento Bull and Adalgisa Giorgio
Italian Perspectives 12

Modernist Song: The Poetry of Tristan Tzara
Stephen Forcer
Legenda (General Series)

Spanish Romanticism and the Uses of History: Ideology and the Historical Imagination
Derek Flitter
Legenda (General Series)

Selfless Cinema?: Ethics and French Documentary
Sarah Cooper
Research Monographs in French Studies 20

Rethinking Languages in Contact: The Case of Italian
Edited by Anna Laura Lepschy and Arturo Tosi
Studies In Linguistics 2

Published February 2006

The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, Volume 66: Survey Year 2004
Edited by Stephen Parkinson

Published March 2006

Portuguese Studies 22.1

Published April 2006

Modern Language Review 101.2

Slavonic and East European Review 84.2

Published May 2006

From Florence to the Heavenly City: The Poetry of Citizenship in Dante
Claire E. Honess
Italian Perspectives 13

Orality and Literacy in Modern Italian Culture
Edited by Michael Caesar and Marina Spunta
Italian Perspectives 14

The Extreme In-Between: Jean Paulhan's Place in the Twentieth Century
Anna-Louise Milne
Legenda (General Series)

Poisoned Words: Slander and Satire in Early Modern France
Emily Butterworth
Research Monographs in French Studies 21

Dilettantism and its Values: From Weimar Classicism to the fin de siècle
Richard Hibbitt
Studies In Comparative Literature 9

The Fantastic in France and Russia in the Nineteenth Century: In Pursuit of Hesitation
Claire Whitehead
Studies In Comparative Literature 10

Redefining Regional French: Koinéization and Dialect Levelling in Northern France
David Hornsby
Studies In Linguistics 3

Oxford German Studies 35.1
Edited by Nigel F. Palmer and T. J. Reed

Published July 2006

Modern Language Review 101.3

Slavonic and East European Review 84.3

The Reception of English Puritan Literature in Germany
Peter Damrau
Bithell Series of Dissertations 29 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 66

Facing Modernity: Fragmentation, Culture and Identity in Joseph Roth's Writing in the 1920s
Jon Hughes
Bithell Series of Dissertations 30 / MHRA Texts and Dissertations 67

Published September 2006

Pastoral Drama in Early Modern Italy: The Making of a New Genre
Lisa Sampson
Italian Perspectives 15

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre: A Life of Culture
Malcolm Cook
Legenda (General Series)

Defective Inspectors: Crime Fiction Pastiche in Late-Twentieth-Century French Literature
Simon Kemp
Legenda (General Series)

Phrase and Subject: Studies in Literature and Music
Edited by Delia da Sousa Correa
Legenda (General Series)

Rilke's Poetics of Becoming
Ben Hutchinson
Legenda (General Series)

Published October 2006

Modern Language Review 101.4

Portuguese Studies 22.2

Slavonic and East European Review 84.4

La Disme de Penitanche by Jehan de Journi
Edited by Glynn Hesketh
Critical Texts 7

A Critical Edition of La tribu indienne; ou, Édouard et Stellina by Lucien Bonaparte
Edited by Cecilia Feilla
Critical Texts 5

La Peyrouse dans l’Isle de Tahiti, ou le Danger des Présomptions: Drame politique
Edited by John Dunmore
Critical Texts 10

Published November 2006

Culture and Politics in Red Vienna
Edited by Judith Beniston and Robert Vilain
Austrian Studies 14

François II, roi de France
Edited by Thomas Wynn
Critical Texts 8

Working Papers in the Humanities 1
Edited by Astrid Ensslin and Jennifer Shepherd
MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities 1

Oxford German Studies 35.2
Edited by Nigel F. Palmer and T. J. Reed

Published December 2006

Camorristi, Politicians and Businessmen: The Transformation of Organized Crime in Post-War Naples
Felia Allum
Italian Perspectives 11

Sweet Thunder: Music and Libretti in 1960s Italy
Vivienne Suvini-Hand
Italian Perspectives 16

Bakhtin between East and West: Cross-Cultural Transmission
Karine Zbinden
Legenda (General Series)

Towards a New Material Aesthetics: Bakhtin, Genre and the Fates of Literary Theory
Alastair Renfrew
Legenda (General Series)

Sublime Worlds: Early Modern French Literature
Emma Gilby
Legenda (General Series)