Though MHRA does not organise an obituary service, we do occasionally post a brief note when those closely involved in the Association pass on, and those notices are indexed here. The complete news feed can be found here.


  • Oct 25, 2020 obituary We are sad to record the death of Roy Wisbey, for many years a leader of the MHRA, on 21 October.
  • Feb 11, 2020 obituary ​All who work in Hispanic studies have been deeply saddened by the news of the sudden death of Trevor Dadson, a Trustee of the MHRA, whose contributions to the history and literary study of Golden Age Spain have been highly influential, and whose energy and dynamism made him a very effective leader of his profession.
  • Dec 18, 2018 obituary We were sad to hear of the recent death of Edward Timms, FBA, a distinguished and humane voice in the Humanities, and one of the founding editors of our Austrian Studies yearbook.
  • Oct 24, 2016 obituary We are sad to hear of the passing of William Rothwell, who died on 15 October. He was the General Editor of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary, now an important and ambitious online project but at one time an MHRA publication.
  • Jun 9, 2015 obituary The legendary font designer Hermann Zapf died last week at the age of 96.

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