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The Modern Humanities Research Association:

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Publishes scholarly journals and monographs

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The MHRA plays a major role in promoting academic endeavour in the modern humanities by facilitating the publication of original scholarly work of the highest standard:


The Modern Language Review

The Yearbook of English Studies

Portuguese Studies

Austrian Studies

The Slavonic and East European Review (with UCL/SSEES)

MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities

publish scholarly articles and reviews.


The Annual Bibliography of English Language & Literature (ABELL) is an enumerative bibliography which aims to list all scholarly books and articles concerning both the English language and literature written in English.

The Texts & Dissertations series was established to publish the most accomplished doctoral research.

The Critical Texts series publishes affordable editions of lesser-known literary texts.

MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations aims to create a representative library of works translated into English during the early modern period.

MHRA European Translations makes available translations between European languages that had a significant impact on the receiving culture at the time of their publication.

MHRA New Translations publishes new translations into English of important works that have been hitherto imperfectly translated or that are entirely untranslated.

The MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature provides texts of medieval Welsh poetry and prose for the teaching of Middle Welsh through the medium of English

The Legenda book series now features more than 250 titles by scholars from across the world.

The prestigious PMHRA, MHRA Bibliographies series and the Style Guide complete the Association's book catalogue.


...[More about MHRA books & journals]


Supports scholarly publishing projects

Image of GutzkowThe MHRA provides an invaluable service to scholarship in the modern humanities by supporting the production of major editions and works of reference that lay foundations for future scholarly work.

Support is provided through the Research Associateships scheme, which funds the work of a research assistant for a year on projects of special importance ... [Read more]

Supports postgraduates

image of
          studentsThe MHRA supports the work of postgraduates and younger members of the profession.

The Association has appointed postgraduate representatives to its Committee and is actively seeking ways in which it can broaden its role in supporting young (or new) researchers ... [Read more]


Sustains study of minority languagesimage of text

The MHRA plays a vital role in sustaining the study of those European languages and cultures that are under-supported as fields of scholarship in the UK.


Plays a major role in peer review

The MHRA makes a key contribution to the process of peer evaluation in the fields it represents ... [Read more]


Maintains the highest editorial standards

The MHRA can draw on editorial expertise unrivalled outside the commercial publishing houses ... [Read more]


Plays an active role in electronic publishing

The MHRA takes a keen interest in electronic publishing in the humanities ... [Read more]


Supports breadth of approach

The MHRA supports the broadest possible range of approaches to the modern humanities ... [Read more]



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