MHRA Committee

Control of the Charity, its property and funds, is in the hands of the Committee, the members of which are its trustees/directors. The Committee meets three times a year, and consists of the Officers, the Editors of each of the Association's periodical and annual publications, and other members of the Association elected or re-elected for a three-year period at the Annual General Meeting.

The day-to-day management and administration of the Association is carried out by the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, and the Assistant Treasurer in consultation with the Chairman, the Editors, and other members of the Committee.

MHRA Officers

  • Hon. Chairman: Professor Malcolm Cook (University of Exeter)
  • Hon. Treasurer: Professor Alison Finch (University of Cambridge)
  • Hon. Secretary: Dr Barbara Burns (University of Glasgow)

MHRA Committee

  • Professor Guido Bonsaver (University of Oxford)Italian Editor, MLR
  • Professor Derek Connon (University of Swansea)General Editor, MLR
  • Professor Mary Cosgrove (Trinity College Dublin)Germanic Editor, MLR
  • Dr Andrew Counter (University of Oxford)General Editor, MHRA Translations
  • Professor Colin Davis (Royal Holloway, University of London)Chair, Legenda
  • Professor Justin Edwards (University of Stirling)Elected member; English Editor, Critical Texts
  • Dr Stefano Evangelista (University of Oxford)Elected member; Postgraduate Mentor
  • Dr Tyler Fisher (University College London)Elected member; Conference Fund Officer
  • Dr Jessica Goodman (University of Oxford)Elected member; Membership Secretary
  • Professor Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex)General Editor, Tudor and Stuart Translations
  • Professor Andrew Hiscock (Bangor University)General Editor, Yearbook of English Studies
  • Professor Katharine Hodgson (University of Exeter)Slavonic Editor, MLR
  • Dr Anne Holloway (Queen's University Belfast)Elected member; Research Scholarships Officer
  • Dr Deborah Holmes (University of Salzburg/University of Kent)General Editor, Austrian Studies
  • Dr Ann Lewis (Birkbeck College, University of London)Elected member; Conference Officer
  • Professor Paulo de Medeiros (University of Warwick)Representative of Portuguese Studies Editors
  • Professor Chloe Paver (University of Exeter)Elected member; Research Associateships Officer
  • Professor Martyn Rady (University College London)Representative of SEER Editors
  • Dr Simon Rodway (Aberystwyth University)General Editor, MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature
  • Dr Duncan Wheeler (University of Leeds)Hispanic Editor, MLR
  • Dr Alison Williams (University of Swansea)French Editor, MLR
  • Jeremy Wong — Associate Treasurer

Advisory members attending MHRA Committee

  • Publications Manager: Gerard Lowe
  • Assistant Secretary: Ann Keith
  • Managing Editor, Legenda: Graham Nelson
  • Postgraduate Representative: Eleanor Dobson
  • Postgraduate Representative: Daisy Gudmunsen