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Page updated 20 July 2015

The Yearbook of English Studies

 Available through JSTOR Current Scholarship Program from January 2012.

The Yearbook of English Studies is an annual publication which consists of specially commissioned articles on a broad topic or theme which will vary from year to year. Each year, guest editor(s) commission articles for forthcoming issues on literatures in English. The series editor for the Yearbook of English Studies is Professor Andrew Hiscock and any enquiries relating to this publication should be sent to him by email at the following address: mhraassistant@bangor.ac.uk


This lively collection deserves to be read not only by specialists but by students in need of an accessible introduction to the breadth of canonical Victorian literature.

Matthew Beaumont, review of Victorian Literature (YES 36:2) in TLS, 30 March 2007, p. 24.



Latest Volume

  Volume 45 (2015) entitled The History of the Book is available online here.

Despatch of print copies begins 20 July 2015.


YES45 cover
Edited by Sandro Jung and Stephen Colclough, this volume features contributions that investigate the materiality of texts, their advertising and marketing, as well as readerly engagements with different works that are, as part of their attempts at classification, conceived of as acts of canon formation.

Extending from the late seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries, the contributions revolve around questions related to the reading and interpretation of texts, the shaping of authorial reputations, and the role that booksellers and/or publishers played in introducing new print objects into a highly competitive marketplace for print commodities.


Online Archive

The complete run of YES (from 1971--) is now available at JSTOR to participating institutions.
Access online here.




Forthcoming Volumes


Volume 46 (July 2016) will be on the topic of Pre-Revolutionary literature of North America.

Volume 47 (July 2017) will be on the topic of Sir Walter Scott.



A substantial proportion of each volume consists of specially commissioned articles on a broad topic or theme which varies from year to year, and of articles submitted to the Editors which happen to have a bearing on that particular issue's topic or theme.

No correspondence is published in the Yearbook, nor are advertisements carried.



The Yearbook is devoted to the language and literatures of the English-speaking world.

Sample Article

A sample article is available here. Originally published in YES 33 (2003), John Scahill's article 'Trilingualism in Early Middle English Miscellanies: Languages and Literature' identifies a non-pragmatic 'literary' tendency in early Middle English trilingual miscellanies whereby texts acquire additional significance through their relationship to other texts and to the miscellany as a whole.


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