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Series Discontinued

The MHRA Committee has decided to discontinue the Texts and Dissertations series. The MHRA will honour all existing contracts and invites authors henceforth to submit proposals to the Legenda series.


Information on our backlist of 85 titles is available here.

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Titles marked with an asterisk are joint publications with the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London School of Advanced Study, and belong to the Bithell Series of Dissertations.


Recently Published


NewVol. 100.

Between Two Worlds: The autos sacramentales of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

By Amy Fuller.

June 2015

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-159-0
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-160-6
£10.99 / $16.50 / EUR13.99

The seventeenth-century Mexican poet, playwright and nun, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, is best known for her secular works, most notably her damning indictment of male double standards, Hombres necios (Stupid Men).  However, her autos sacramentales (allegorical one-act plays on the Eucharist) have received little attention, and have only been discussed individually and out of sequence. By examining them as a collection, in their original order, their meaning and importance are revealed.

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Vol. 99.

The Making of Jorge Luis Borges as an Argentine Cultural Icon.

By Mariana Casale O’Ryan.

May 2014

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-077-7
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-078-4
£10.99 / $16.50 / EUR13.99

This study uncovers the complexity of the operations that constitute the definition of Argentine cultural identity through Borges.

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                    image for Casanova book

Vol. 96.

Mitos cristianos en la poesía del 27.

By Rocío Ortuño Casanova.

May 2014

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-024-1
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-025-8
£10.99 / $16.50 / EUR13.99

This study offers a view of the poetry of the Spanish Generation of 1927 from an innovative perspective: through the analysis of the inclusion of Christian myths. Not only are the canonical authors of the Generation studied, but also those often omitted in anthologies, such as Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Ana María Martínez Sagi, and Rosa Chacel.

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Cover image
                    for Bardzinska book

Vol. 91.

El camino inverso: del cine al teatro. La vida en un hilo, de Edgar Neville y Mi adorado Juan, de Miguel Mihura.

By Joanna Bardzinska.

May 2014

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-006-7
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-007-4
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

El camino inverso: del cine al teatro, estudia el tema de las adaptaciones de obras fílmicas a la escena teatral (adaptaciones 'inversas') como fenómeno emergente en el ámbito artístico actual y un hecho cultural síntoma de la cultura contemporánea posmoderna. 

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Cover image
                    for Diaz-Vicedo book

Vol. 90.

Constructing Feminine Poetics in the Works of a Late-20th-Century Catalan Woman Poet: Maria-Mercè Marçal.

By Noèlia Díaz Vicedo.

March 2014

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-000-5
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-001-2
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

This study analyses the interaction between body and language in the first five books of Marçal's poetry, examining the ways in which her poetic images display her Catalan feminine subjectivity, the function of the poet, the space of poetry and the representation of love.

Further details

                    image for Whiskin book

Vol. 95.

Narrative Structure and Philosophical Debates in Tristram Shandy and Jacques le fataliste

Margaux Whiskin.

January 2014

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-016-6
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-017-3
£10.99 / $16.50 / EUR13.99

In the final pages of Jacques le fataliste the narrator draws a connection between Diderot’s novel and Sterne’s Tristram Shandy through an ambiguous accusation of plagiarism, making it unclear as to which text is the original and which author is the plagiarist. Margaux Whiskin compares both novels and explores Diderot’s motives in suggesting that his novel might be a plagiarised version of Sterne’s.

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Cover for
                    Yiacoup book

Vol. 87.

Frontier Memory: Cultural Conflict and Exchange in the Romancero fronterizo.

By Sizen Yiacoup.

October 2013

Hbk ISBN 978-1-907322-91-4
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-907322-92-1
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

In this study, Sizen Yiacoup offers ideological readings of the romances fronterizos that take into consideration yet look beyond expressions of cross-cultural hostility or sympathy in order to assess the ways in which the poems recall a process of cultural exchange between Christians and Muslims.

Further details

Cover of
                    Smale book

Vol. 97.

Phantom Images: The Figure of the Ghost in the Work of Christa Wolf and Irina Liebmann.*

By Catherine Smale.

Summer 2013

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-026-5
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-027-2
£10.99 / $16.50 / EUR13.99

Ghosts have made an unexpected reappearance in German literature since 1989. Catherine Smale reads this as symptomatic of writers’ attempts to renegotiate their personal and collective identity in the wake of German reunification.

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                    image for Tattam book

Vol. 89.

Time in the Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel.

By Helen Tattam.

January 2013

Hbk ISBN 978-1-907322-83-9
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-907322-84-6
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973) stands outside the traditional canon of twentieth-century French philosophers. Helen Tattam proposes a range of readings as opposed to one single interpretation, a series of departures or explorations that bring his work into contact with critical partners such as Henri Bergson, Paul Ricœur and Emmanuel Lévinas.

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                    image for Lehtinen book

Vol. 88.

Narrative and National Allegory in Rómulo Gallegos’s Venezuela.

By Jenni Lehtinen.

January 2013

Hbk ISBN 978-1-907322-79-2
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-907322-80-8
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

Rómulo Gallegos (1884-1969) left a lasting imprint on how Venezuelans conceive of their national history and identity. Jenni Lehtinen offers the first full-length study of Gallegos’s later Venezuelan novels, Canaima (1935), Pobre negro (1937), and Sobre la misma tierra (1943), which have been up to now eclipsed by the critical attention devoted to Doña Bárbara (1929).

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Vol. 86.

The Prose of Sasha Sokolov: Reflections on/of the Real.

By Elena Kravchenko.

January 2013

Hbk ISBN 978-1-907322-52-5
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-907322-95-2
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

Despite a considerable scholarly interest in his work, no comprehensive book-length study has yet been published on Sokolov. With the focus on his three main texts, School for Fools, Between Dog and Wolf and Palisandriia, this groundbreaking monograph is an exploration of Sokolov’s aesthetics in which language is shown to embody reality, rather than express it.

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Henry book

Vol. 83.

The Signifying Self: Cervantine Drama as Counter-Perspective Aesthetic.

By Melanie Henry.

February 2013

Hbk ISBN 978-1-78188-002-9
£21.99 / $32.99 / EUR27.50

Pbk ISBN 978-1-78188-003-6
£10.99 / $17.50 / EUR13.99

This study offers a comprehensive analysis of all eight of Cervantes’s Ocho comedias (published 1615), moving beyond conventional anti-Lope approaches to Cervantine dramatic practice in order to identify what, indeed, his theatre promotes.

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