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MHRA Style Guide

NewThird Edition

Style Guide cover

The MHRA Style Guide is intended primarily for use in connection with books and periodicals published by the Modern Humanities Research Association, but it is also widely useful to students and other authors, to editors, and to publishers of texts written mainly in English. Its chapters deal with preparing material for publication; spelling and usage; names; abbreviations; punctuation; capitals; italics; dates, numbers, currency, and weights and measures; quotations and quotation marks; footnotes and endnotes; references; the preparation of indexes; useful works of reference; and proof correction.

This third edition (2013, reprinted with minor corrections 2015) has been revised and updated in the light of developments in technology and means of communication, and of suggestions made by users of the second edition. It introduces a Quick Guide to the main features of MHRA style, and it gives fuller information on referencing, including online publications and social media, and on indexing.



The first edition of the Style Book was published in 1971. Though originally designed for use in connection with the publications of the MHRA, it quickly proved to be of value to authors and editors of other publications.

The second, third, and fourth editions (1978, 1981, and 1991 (reprinted with amendments 1995)) broadened the scope with the addition of an index and glossary. The fifth edition (1996) was revised to take account of changes in printing technology and modern editorial practice, and added guidance on: preparation of copy on computer disk; preparation of camera-ready copy; and electronic publishing. The next edition was published in 2002 as the Style Guide, reflecting the move to simultaneous publication in print and online. A second edition was published in 2008 which took account of the widespread use of electronic means of text preparation, submission, and publication. Over 50,000 copies (all editions) have been sold worldwide.



The MHRA Style Guide Third Edition (978-1-78188-009-8) is available in book form from all good bookshops and online retailers.



The MHRA Style Guide Third Edition may also be downloaded without charge as an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF file.

Please note:

For licensing reasons the BSI proof correction marks which appear in Chapter 14 of the printed version of the Guide could not be reproduced in this version.



Suggestions for amendments or additions that might be incorporated in future editions are welcomed and may be sent to: style@mhra.org.uk

The MHRA regrets that it is unable to enter into private correspondence about questions of style.


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