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Page updated 7 February 2015


The MHRA provides financial support to the academic community in the following ways:

Research Scholarship in the Modern European Languages

This scheme is designed to give support to scholars in their early postdoctoral phase who have not yet obtained a full-time academic post. The prerequisites are a completed doctorate in the field of Modern European Languages (excluding English) and affiliation to a UK university department.

The association is delighted to announce that the recipients of the MHRA research scholarship for 2014-15 are:

Dr Ewa Szypula, University of Nottingham (Balzac’s Love Letters: Correspondence and the Literary Imagination) and Dr Ruth Chester, University of Leeds (Not Without Virtue: Ontology and Ethics in Dante's 'Commedia').

newResearch Scholarships for 2015-16

Conditions of the award

The award provides some funding to recent PhDs who are revising their thesis for publication. Recipients will be expected to produce, within 12 months of taking up the award, a manuscript of publishable quality or a minimum of three articles of publishable quality. The support of the MHRA will be acknowledged in the publication(s) produced on the basis of the work carried out during the period of the award. Applicants should have completed a doctorate within the last three years, and have an affiliation to a UK university.

The Association intends to make up to two awards of £11,500 each for the academic session 2015-2016. Awards are for one year only. The deadline for applications is Friday 27 March 2015. It is intended to announce awards by 30 April 2015. The start date is 1 October 2015.

Further details and an application form are available here:

Document icon Further Details

            icon Application Form

Research Associateships

 These awards are designed to hasten the completion of research projects of special importance through the provision of part-time research assistance. An award will be made solely for the employment of a researcher, normally post-doctoral, to be selected and appointed by the project in consultation with the Association, and bearing the title of ‘MHRA Research Associate’. Since another important aim of the awards is to provide an interim academic position to younger scholars who have not yet obtained a permanent academic post, the appointment should not exclude a limited amount of remunerated teaching in the host institution, or other approved work. The final details of the contract will be agreed between the MHRA and the institution concerned

newThe Association intends to make up to three research awards of £23,000 for the academic session 2015–2016 (with a start date on or after 1st October 2015). The deadline for applications is 28 February 2015.

PDF Details of how to apply are available here



Conference Grant Fund

In 2015, the Modern Humanities Research Association intends to make up to ten grants of up to £1,500 each to support conferences or colloquia within the field of medieval and modern European languages and literatures (including English) held in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland and organised by academics based at UK or Irish institutions.

There will be two application rounds in the calendar year 2015, with up to five grants awarded in each round; the schedules are set out below. The awards will not be made to individuals to attend conferences, but to the organizers of conferences to provide assistance with organizational support and/or the travel and subsistence costs of certain participants, including postgraduate students.

Deadlines and Timescales

Round A For conferences taking place between: 1st August 2015 and 31st January 2016. Application deadline: 31st January 2015. Decisions expected by: mid-March 2015.

Round B For conferences taking place between: 1st February 2016 and 31st July 2016. Application deadline: 30th June 2015. Decisions expected by: mid-August 2015.

Applications can only be considered in the correct round, based on the planned date of the conference.


The 2015 application form and regulations are available here:

MS Word


Joint Publication Fund

The MHRA no longer funds publication subventions. However, the Association is still willing to consider joint publication with a commercial publisher in special cases if the project is judged by the MHRA committee to be important and/or prestigious. In such cases the publisher should communicate with the Association directly, via the Honorary Secretary, Dr Barbara Burns, email: . The publisher's statement should include a detailed financial budget, showing the shortfall between costs and projected sales, and an indication of the size of the print run and the selling price, on the basis that costs and revenue would be shared 50:50.



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